2002 Peat Ignition Study for Development of Fire Danger Rating System (funded by CIDA)
2002-2003 The Estimation of Greenhouse Gases from Peat Fire (funded by OSAKA Gas Foundation)
2003 Guidelines for Implementation of Controlled Burning Practices (funded by ASEAN Secretariat)
2004-2005 Formulation on Assessment System in Burned Area for

Sustainable Forest Management (funded by HIbah Bersaing-DIKTI)

2005 The Establishment of Peat Fire Management in District of Bengkalis, Riau Province (funded by OSAKA Gas Foundation)
2007 Development of Forest Health Monitoring Methods on protection forest and plantation forest (funded by HIbah Bersaing-DIKTI)
2008 Study on forest fire causes in Toba Lake Catchment Area (funded by ITTO)
2008 Development of Jatropha curcas in Agroforestry system at Perum Perhutani Unit III West Java and Banten areas (funded by HIbah Bersaing-DIKTI)
2009 Estimation of Carbon Emission from Forest and Land Fires (Team member, cooperation CCROM IPB-WWF)
2009 Reduction of Greenhouse Gases caused by Forest and Land Fire through Implementation of zero burning techniques (Team member funded by Hibah Kompetensi-DIKTI)
2009 Mitigation of smoke haze disaster through modelling of its distribution and contents (funded by Hibah Kompetitif Sesuai Prioritas Nasional-DIKTI)

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