Student supervisory

Student Supervisory (Final project report)

No. Year Name Program Title
  1995 Dian Susanty Soeminta (E 27.1104) Bachelor (MNH) The effects of artificial forage on the growth and development of honey bee (Apis mellifera Linn.) colony
  1996 Ika Heriansyah (E 28.0750) Bachelor (THH) Relationship between growth rate of Sungkai wood (Peronema canescens Jack) and Climate
  2002 Chandra (E 09399013) Diploma (PHT) Study on forest fire suppression at forest plantation of PT Musi Hutan Persada, Palembang, South Sumatera
  2003 Zulkarnain (E 01498030) Bachelor (MNH) Effects of climatic factors on surface fuel moisture content at Gmelina arborea and Pinus merkusii stands in rainy season
  2003 Dadan Mulyana (E 01498076) Bachelor (MNH) Relationship between moisture content and peat fire characteristics
  2003 Harry Polma O.P. Bachelor (MNH) Study on fire ecosystem in pine stand at Aek Nauli, South Sumatera
  2004 Betty Marpaung (E 13301014) Bachelor (MNH) Identification of Forest Fire Causes at Hunting Park of Masigit Kareumbi West Java
  2004 Kristine Harperi S. Bachelor (MNH) Adaptation ability of local potential species on fire in peat swamp forest ( A case study in plantation forest of PT Arara Abadi, Siak Sri Indrapura, Riau)
  2004 Ifan Wirahadian Diploma (TPSDH) Study on land preparation system of Acacia mangium Willd at HPHHTI PT Musi Hutan Persada Subanjeriji, South Sumatera
  2004 Dasril Reza (E 13301027) Diploma (TPSH) Forest fire control system in land preparation at PT Musi Hutan Persada, Subanjeriji, Sodong, South Sumatera
  2004 Sri Sulistyowati (E04400047) Bachelor (SVK) Relationship between climatic factors and hotspot at Ogan Komering Ilir, South Sumatera in the period of  2001-2002
  2005 Sasmita (E13302009) Diploma (TPSH) Forest fire control system at RPH Cibenda, BKPH Cibenda, KPH Majalengka, Perum Perhutani Unit III West java and Banten
  2005 Lutfi Pulu (E 04400901) Bachelor (MNH) Forest fire effects assessment on chemical soil properties based on Forest Health Monitoring Methods (A case study in secondary forest Haurbentes Jasinga Bogor)
  2006 Yuri Suryahadi Bachelor (MNH) Potency of Jarak Pagar (Jatropha curcas Linn) as fire break vegetation
  2006 Aprilia Sukmawati (E14202007) Bachelor (SVK) Relationship between rainfall and hotspot as indicator for forest and land fires occurrences at Pontianak, West Kalimantan
  2006 Derry Hendriana Bachelor (SVK) Forest and land fires occurrence analyses at Rokan Hilir, Riau province
  2007 Budy Santoso Diploma (TPSH) Forest fire management at Gunung Ciremai National Park
  2007 Hardita Dega Tambunan Diploma (TPSH) Mapping of forest and land fires risk zone using GIS technology at Jambi province
  2007 Rr.Mita Ramayati Pratiwi Bachelor (SVK) Role of community based fire management in forest fire control at KPH Cepu, Perum Perhutani unit I Central Java
  2008 Asep Iman Zaenal Mutaqin Diploma (TPSH) SIG application in forest and land fire probability mapping at East Kotawaringin , Central Kalimantan
  2008 Bagus Ary Wibowo Bachelor (SVK) Forest fire control strategy at Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park, West Java
  2008 Lukman Hakim Bachelor (SVK) Damage assessment of teak stand and economic loss due to forest fire (A case study at KPH Cepu Perum Perhutani Unit I Central Java)
  2009 Gayatri Joan Tatra Bachelor (SVK) Fire use in land preparation of traditional people (A case study at Lapodi village, Pasarwajo, Buton, Southeast Sulawesi)
  2009 Firda Tarunajaya (E14204044) Bachelor (SVK) Forest and land fire control at conservation area of Kamojang, Garut, West Java
  2009 Anita Jeumpa Amril Bachelor (SVK) Forest fire control strategy at IUPHHK-HA (PT Sarmiento Parakantja Timber, Central Kalimantan)
  2009 Yoga Hadiprasetya Bachelor (SK) Identification of forest fire causes and control efforts at Gunung Ciremai National Park, West Java
  2009 Kharia Nafia Bachelor (SVK) Potency of Jarak pagar (Jatropha curcas Linn) as fire break from litter decomposition rate point of view
  2010 Yuli Sunarti Bachelor(SVK) Potency of Jarak pagar (Jatropha curcas Linn) as fire break from crown width condition
  2010 Ade Wiratama (E 14203017) Bachelor (SVK) Exploration of potential bacteria as biofertilizer in burned and unburned areas from Riau
  2010 Santi Sari Bachelor (MNH) Finansial analyses of rubber community plantation development at Bunga Raya village, Siak, Riau province

Student Supervisory (Thesis/Dissertation)

No. Year Name Program Title
  2003 Nana Sarip SUP Master (PSL) Relationship between moisture content and greenhouse gases emission in peat fire
  2003 Sigit Raharjo Master (IPK) Species composition and adaptation of understorey shrubs on burned area under pine stand (A case study in Gunung Walat Education Forest)
  2009 Nurhaedah Master (SVK) Effects of forage on silkworm (Bombyx mori) resistance for grasserie disease
  2010 Langgeng Kayoman Master (MNH) Spatial modeling of forest and land fire risks at West Kalimantan province

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